About Jacquie Walker - Walking the Journey with YOU.

Jacquie is a gifted facilitator and mentor who assists those she works with to create positive change in their life. Jacquie  has a  background  in Education with 30 years teaching experience. She is an intuitive empath and Reiki healer. Here personal gift that she shares with those she works with is active listening and connecting with the persons core being. 

Jacquie has the ability to clarify and see the unique and whole picture view of a given situation described in a shared conversation and is able to cut though the distractions and gets to the heart of the matter, bringing a wealth of experience from her personal healing and life journey in this life time.  She practices active listening and gives her full presence and attention to her clients, with the aim to empower and inspire, giving positive and constructive feedback and sharing insights. Jacquie joined Conscious Living in 2011. Her role includes customer service, administration, program production; magazine production, and social media. She has trained with George Helou  an EP7 Empowered for Purpose Life Coach and is a trained Wholeview Facilitator 

Jacquie believes in people and their ability to reinvent themselves and their lives through  gaining personal empowerment through reshaping and forming now self talk and beliefs - and having someone to believe in them and facilitate the process - walking the journey with them. 

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