Walk Your Talk,Manifest Your Dreams

and Live your Purpose


Live the LIfe you want

Reinvent what is not working for you in your life. 

Identify your vision 

Live your Dreams

BuildBetter Relationships

Hold Your Vision and Manifest Your Desired Life

Goal setting; Vocation; Relationships; Family and Advocacy 


Learn to know yourself and what motivates you so you can live the life you choose for yourself. 

Do you give your power away?

When you  are out of alignment with your core values you are vulnerable to the investment of other people in your life who wish to influence your decisions.  Learn how to maintain your personal  power, align with your core values and become your own best ally.

Jacquie is an educator and has working with people to create change for over 20 years. She is a  trained EP 7 Coach, Reiki Master. Jacquie will work with you to make positive change in your life through leading you on the Empowered for Purpose journey that will enrich and change your life. 


Life Coaching - EP7 - Empowerment for Purpose - Reinvent your life and manifest the life and relationships you want in your life. Become the best version of yourself.

Media and Website  Management  - Saving you time - Uploading articles and images; maintaining your shopping cart;  Social Media ; Newsletters and more

Graphic Design: Creating posters advertisements 

Reiki Healing and Meditative Guidance Sessions

Mentoring and Tutoring Reading Writing and Maths Primary  - Computer Literacy - Language Skills all ages

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